Commitment to Good Practice

The basis of this document is that the Member of any grade of this Federation who has pledged to abide by its content, acknowledges the simple truths that:

1. That all business is based upon trust and goodwill.

2. That both providers of goods and services, and consumers need to work together ethically and honestly for the benefit of all.


1. Advertising and Sales Promotions.

2. Quotations and Sales

3. Contracts.

4. Installations.

5. Guarantees.

6. Customer Service.

7. Disputes.

8. General.


Guidelines set down by the CAP broadcast and non-broadcast codes will be adhered to. https://www.asa.org.uk/codes-and-rulings/advertising-codes/non-broadcast-code.html

At all times advertising, including website content, will be truthful, legal and decent.

The content of any sales promotion will not contain any misleading price, material information or specification. Special offer or similarly worded sales promotions will offer genuine enhanced value for money. All pricing for domestic installation will include VAT. All literature provided by the Member will contain accurate information pertaining to the Member, its products and service provided.

No unsolicited telephone calls will be made. Unsolicited door to door calls may be undertaken, provided: a.) The sales call relates to another installation carried out by the Member in the same or adjacent street and b.) only if there isn’t any notice on the property that cold calling is not welcome.


Every endeavour will be made to ensure quotations furnished by the Member, either orally or in writing, will provide accurate information in respect of quality, standards, specification and details of the products offered and price.

If finance is offered, full and comprehensive details (including the relevant % APR) will be provided in writing. Any additional cost, such as sickness insurance, will be indicated and full terms provided.

Sales representatives will be given proper and comprehensive training regarding the products and services offered by the Member, and will be conversant with fenestration requirements particularly in all aspects of Building regulations, in particular of appropriate fire escapes and safety glass.

Any product samples used in sales presentations will provide accurate examples of the products offered, and any options e.g. Energy Ratings, insulation values, locking systems, types of glass, construction of window frame, etc., will be properly explained.

No high-pressure or intimidatory salesmanship of any description will be practiced by the sales representatives of the Member: Every potential customer will be treated with natural respect, in the proper spirit of this document. It is not expected that a sales call should last more than one hour, except in exceptional circumstances, or at the potential customer’s request. There is no right of the Member sales representative to make a return visit, unless specifically at the customer’s request.


Terms of all contracts arranged shall be fair and reasonable, and details of designs and specifications clearly shown and must comply with the Consumer Rights Act 2015. A copy of the contract, containing full terms and conditions, will be given to the customer at the time of signature.

All contracts must include an approximate delivery and approximate installation period. In the event that these dates cannot be met, the customer must informed of the reason(s) for the delay. At the earliest time possible, and the Member must re-arrange a convenient alternative date for installation no later than 6 weeks, unless agreed by the customer, after the approximate installation date.

No variation to a Contract will be made by the Member, except for necessary or agreed change of specification or design, and in the event that agreement is not forthcoming from the Customer, the Contract will be relinquished. All products offered by the Member will be fit and satisfactory for their intended use.


On all contracts which specify installation of products purchased from the Member, installation will be carried out to a workmanlike standard and comply with any standards specified in the Quotation.

Surveyors acting on behalf of Members will, as soon as possible after a contract has been signed, properly assess the work to be carried out, with reference to established building practice, British Standard Institution safety glass requirements and all current Building Regulations. Member’s Installers acting on behalf of the Member will receive proper and ongoing training arranged by the Member, and will carry out work in accordance with the Federation’s Installation Charter.

There may be occasions where hidden existing faults with the property are discovered. In this case, the Member will make every attempt to contact the customer and to explain the situation and where it is practically possible delay installation. If circumstances do not permit this course of action, then any additional necessary work must be explained to the Customer.


The period and terms of all guarantees offered by the Member, will be accurately stated as an integral part of the Sales Presentation. All guarantees will be issued upon final payment, will be in written form, and should clearly indicate whether or not they are transferable.

Guarantees must not gainsay or reduce the Customer’s Statutory Rights.

Insurance underwriting of the Guarantee will in all cases be offered and recommended to the Customer. A copy of the Insurance Policy or Certificate will be available for inspection, and exclusions to cover be fully explained, if required, prior to the Contract. Written maintenance instructions for all items installed will be provided with the Guarantee.


In the event of claims made by the Customer under the Guarantee, the Member undertakes to make every effort to contact the Customer within 24 hours of the report being received.

All service calls will be properly logged with full details, including dates and action taken.

An initial charge, fully refundable, if the claim is found to be genuine may be made, and this will be provided in writing. Where the Member is of the opinion that the claim is not covered by the Guarantee issued, full and clear explanation should be given to the Customer. Remedial work will be carried out as promptly as possible, with minimum inconvenience to the Customer.


If any dispute arises in respect of product, installation or conduct, between the Member and the Customer, in the first instance the Member will take every reasonable step to resolve the dispute, without delay, in a polite and honest manner to the satisfaction of both parties, it may be referred by either party to the Federation. The Federation, if asked to arbitrate, may make a charge to cover expenses incurred.

If the preceding procedures are not successful, the Member will suggest approach by both parties either: a.) to the Arbitration Service offered by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, b.) to an independent alternative dispute resolution scheme (ADR) recommended by the Federation, and will undertake to be bound by their findings. The Member undertakes in all cases to state in writing any proposals or agreements made, prior to carrying out any work or making any agreed financial arrangement. In the event that the Member does not comply with a ruling made on it by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, as a result of an ADR or a Court of Law, it is understood that Membership of the Federation will immediately be withdrawn.


Deposits may be taken due the bespoke nature of the goods produced. The maximum initial deposit acceptable by a Member in respect of any Contract, is 50% of the Contract value. Further deposits may be taken when the goods the Member has contracted to supply are in stock, and a final payment made upon substantial completion (as per the recommended Terms and Conditions of Contract supplied by the Federation)..

The Member will not use deposits received for the general running of the business, and will keep a monitored record of deposits in hand on a monthly basis, or use a separate bank account to keep these deposits isolated from the operational business account(s).

The Member undertakes to ensure the enterprise has sufficient capital and reserves to properly finance its current and anticipated turnover and to seek proper, professional advice, if necessary, in this respect.

The Member will ensure its chief executives have good working knowledge of all legislation relating to his business, has a properly appointed Solicitor and Accountant, who are consulted on a regular basis so that the enterprise operates in a professional and legal manner.

No information regarding potential or actual customers may be shared with any other person or organisation, without the written permission of the customer.

It is understood that any violation of any of the commitments in this document may result in termination of Membership of the Federation.

This document must be made available to all potential customers.


1. Arrive on site at time agreed. If, due to any unforeseen circumstances, you are going to be late, ensure the customer is aware.

2. Appearance is important. Your vehicle should be clean and you must be clean and tidy.

3. At all times be polite and courteous to the customer. Report any difficulties immediately. Do not use customers telephones without their permission. Always offer to pay for the call.

4. Ensure furniture is moved away from working areas, and clean dust sheets are used to protect carpets and fittings. Treat as your own home.

5. No radios to be played on or outside site without the permission of the Customer.

6. Meals are not to be eaten on site, unless with the permission of the Customer.

7. At the end of each day leave house clean, tidy and secure.

8. When job is complete, clean all surfaces, remove all debris from site and demonstrate to the customer how all mechanisms operate. Make sure everything works properly (report immediately to the office if anything does not) and remind the customer of the need to regularly maintain all moving parts.


In the event of a dispute between a Member of the Federation and a customer, the Federation operates an Arbitration Service. The procedure and costs are as follows:

1. The Federation will appoint a Chartered Surveyor to take evidence from both parties and, if necessary, inspect work carried out.

2. A report will be submitted to the Federation by the Surveyor which will be sent to both parties.

The Arbitration Service can only be brought into operation if both parties agree to be bound by the findings contained in the Surveyors report and the appropriate fee is received by the Federation from both sides.

The minimum cost is £250 for each party. To assess the cost, it will be necessary for the Member and the Customer to provide details in writing of the dispute.

The cost of legal and Court fees, even for a relatively simple dispute, can often bear little relationship to the cost of the dispute and in most cases, this service offers a very fair and economical alternative.